Teeth-Staining: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Teeth-Staining: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
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Teeth-Staining is a common dental problem. Many of us prefer teeth whitening procedures or over-the-counter teeth whitening products to treat stains. Here are answers to some common questions about teeth staining that will help you prevent and address dental stains.

What are the main reasons for teeth staining? 

The primary reasons for teeth staining are consuming certain stain-causing foods and beverages, smoking, or even aging.

How can I prevent teeth staining?

To prevent teeth staining, you must avoid foods and beverages that stain your teeth, stop smoking, and practice good oral care, which includes brushing twice a day, flossing daily, and rinsing with a  good mouthwash. It is also essential to see a dentist at least twice a year if you want to prevent your teeth from staining.

What foods stain your teeth?  

Foods that are bright in color are more likely to stain your teeth, such as red pasta sauces, blueberries, raspberries, and bright curries.

What drinks stain your teeth? 

Some of the drinks which can cause teeth staining include coffee, tea, red wine, and dark sodas. 

Does green tea stain your teeth? 

Yes. All types of teas erode teeth enamel and can cause teeth staining.

Do braces stain your teeth? 

If mild stains are visible when you remove your braces, it is because of how the braces were treated while in use. 

Does charcoal help in teeth staining? 

Charcoal is not worth the negative side effects, even though many dental products seem to have it as an ingredient. Also, there are no proven results that say charcoal help with teeth staining.

Are tooth stains reversible? 

The three primary types of teeth stains are age-related stains, surface stains, and under the surface stains. All these teeth stains can be benefited from teeth whitening processes.

How do I know if I need teeth whitening? 

If you notice your teeth turn to a yellowish color, talk to your dentist about whether you need teeth whitening treatment. Depending on the cause of the stain and your teeth condition, your dentist will determine the best treatment option for you.

Do whitening products help with teeth staining?

There are different types of teeth whitening products available, and each one of these have pros and cons that offer different results. In addition, prices can vary. Therefore, talk to your dentist before you decide on your teeth whitening product.

When is the ideal time to do teeth whitening? 

The best time to do teeth whitening is after teeth cleaning procedure.

Are teeth whitening results permanent? 

No, teeth whitening results are not permanent. However, you can prolong the whitening effect by avoiding teeth-staining foods and habits. You may need to repeat the whitening treatment to keep your teeth shining for a longer time.

Are there any side effects of teeth whitening?

Some patients may experience teeth sensitivity after they have undergone teeth whitening treatment. Also, misuse of whitening products can cause enamel damage and permanent discoloration.

How much does teeth whitening cost? 

Depending on the type of treatment you choose, teeth whitening costs can vary. Many over-the-counter teeth whitening products cost less than $50, whereas professional teeth whitening can cost around a couple of hundred dollars.

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