How Many Times a Dental Filling Can Be Replaced

How Many Times a Dental Filling Can Be Replaced
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Tooth decay is a problem that most of us face today. A tooth filling is done to restore your damaged tooth and give back its strength. However, tooth filling is not a permanent solution, and it has to be replaced. So, when and how many times do dental fillings need a replacement?

Do fillings need to be replaced?

Your dental filling will need a replacement over a period of time. Every time you chew your food, the filling withstands the pressure, and eventually, it may fall out, crack, or leak. The daily wear and tear can cause a dental filling to crack, and you will need a replacement. Also, if the seal between the filling and the tooth wears out, it will trap all the food particles and cause bacterial growth. To prevent further tooth damage or decay, you will need to get the fillings replaced.

If you have a composite filling designed to blend with your natural-looking teeth, then it may get discolored with time. It may turn dark and pick up stains and lose its color. At this point, you need to get your dental filling replaced with a new one. 

Is it necessary to replace old fillings? 

If a cracked filling is not treated on time, it can infect the dental pulp, which would later require a root canal or result in loss of the tooth.  A regular check-up with your dentist can determine if your filling needs a replacement or not. Your dentist can detect if any spots have worn out. Also, dental radiographs come in handy to look for any further tooth decay under the filling. 

How do you know if you need to replace a filling?

Several factors that hint at your filling replacement:

  • Too old filling 

    Dental fillings usually last between 7 to 15 years. It is advisable to replace old filling once the wear and tear starts.
  • Change of color 

    Tooth-colored fillings require a replacement when they start to change color over time. If they become dark or yellow, it is time to replace your dental filling. 
  • Pain in your tooth 

    Cracked fillings usually develop cavities under them, if you notice pain in your dental filling, visit your dentist. 
  • Cold sensation 

    Leaky fillings can cause sensitivity to cold temperatures; if there is a sensation in your filled tooth when you eat or drink anything cold, consult your dentist.

How many times can you get a filling replaced?

It depends on the type of material used for filling. If you have amalgam fillings – made of a mixture of metals – they might last for about 15 years or more.  The composite filling might be more durable, but they can last not more than 10 – 12 years. Some fillings might go on longer, while some might need a replacement sooner than expected. 

Do not wait until your pain worsens or your fillings develop cracks; consult with your dentist in West Des Moines to get the best solution for dental filling replacement. 


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