Everything You Need to Know About Flipper Tooth

Everything You Need to Know About Flipper Tooth
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If you are missing a tooth, you might face the problems of chewing your food or having your confidence lowered. A dental flipper is the best temporary replacement for one or more missing teeth. 

Dental flippers are removable partial dentures made from denture acrylic and serve as an attractive prosthetic tooth option. A flipper uses clasps like a retainer to fit along your mouth palate. 

They are temporary fixtures used before a dental implant. After a bone or tissue graft or tooth extraction, the site needs time to heal. Here, dentists use flippers as a semi-permanent option. 

What are the benefits of dental flippers? 

Flippers teeth have benefits for the wearers, which include:

  • A flipper tooth fills visible gaps or missing teeth and improves appearance by giving your teeth a natural appearance.
  • Dental flippers are more affordable than other denture alternatives.
  • It’s easy to manufacture dental flippers. They can be created quickly, usually within a day or two. It is very convenient to remove and comfortable to wear. 
  • A flipper tooth provides stability for your teeth and prevents your other teeth from shifting.

How to clean a dental flipper? 

Take the following precautions to ensure clean flippers and protect your oral health:

  • Always use lukewarm water to clean and soak your flipper.
  • Brush your flipper with a denture brush thoroughly, at least twice a day.
  • Use denture toothpaste or a non-abrasive liquid soap to clean your flippers.
  • Always soak your flipper in water or a solution to keep it wet. If it stays dry for too long, your flipper might break or crack or lose its color.
  • Keep your flipper tooth soaked in a denture cleaning solution overnight, 2-3 times a week.

What is the cost of a dental flipper? 

Dental flippers are comparatively less expensive than other denture alternatives. A flipper tooth can cost anywhere between $300 and $500.   However, additional charges may be required for their periodic adjustment and repairs.

The cost of dental flippers can also vary depending on the number of teeth being replaced and the materials used to manufacture the flipper tooth. 

Can I eat with a flipper tooth?

It is hard to chew food with a missing tooth. However, a flipper tooth makes eating more comfortable. With a new flipper tooth, you should begin with chewing soft food that is cut into smaller pieces and take smaller bites. Eat soft, denture friendly foods like mashed vegetables, applesauce, soups, cooked cereals, yogurt, etc. At later stages, you can also enjoy foods such as cooked vegetables, pasta, slow-cooked meats, chocolate desserts, soft, ripe fruits, etc. Remove and clean your dental flippers after eating, and rinse your mouth. 

While eating with a flipper tooth, avoid eating:

  • Sticky, hard, or chew foods ((i.e., nuts, raw vegetables, candy bars loaded with nuts, toffee, or other hard or sticky contents)
  • Tough or chewy meats
  • Dark-colored beverages that can stain your flippers(i.e., coffee and cranberry juice)

Can you sleep with a dental Flipper?

Continuously wearing flippers can put pressure on the tissue below them. This can cause the bone to deteriorate, lead to receding gums, and also cause painless fungal infection in the gums. It is advised to remove dental flippers for about 8 hours, generally before going to bed at night, to allow your gums to breathe. 

Are you still uncertain about dental flippers? Contact our dentist in West Des Moines, and we will be happy to answer all your dental queries. 

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