A guide to Oral Cancer Screening in Des Moines

A guide to Oral Cancer Screening in Des Moines
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Despite maintaining good oral health through consistently brushing, flossing, and scheduling regular dental exams, receiving an oral cancer screening is essential for everyone to ensure quality oral health. Oral cancer accounts for 3% of all cancers in the U.S., affecting 30,000 people annually. Oral cancer is also responsible for 8,000 deaths every year. However, if diagnosed early, oral cancer can be detected and cured. Therefore, it is essential to schedule regular oral cancer screenings to detect and treat cancer before it becomes severe. 

Is It Common for People To Have an Oral Cancer Screening?

No. In most cases, people do not schedule an oral cancer screening, causing cancer to not get detected at an initial stage. We recommend scheduling an oral cancer screening with us if you have not received one. 

What Can Be Expected During the Procedure for Oral Cancer Screening?

At our Des Moines dental clinic, we examine your mouth to look for abnormal tissue growth and signs, such as rough patches, red and white bumps, hard lumps, or changes in your teeth’s position. We will also examine your cheeks and the inside of your mouth to detect any hard lumps or abnormalities. We may perform other tests if we detect any signs of mouth cancer or precancerous lesions. 

How Often Do I Require Getting an Oral Cancer Screening Done?

Generally, an oral cancer screening is recommended bi-annually. If you schedule an appointment with us for your first screening, we will tell you how frequently you should have an oral cancer screening. This will also depend on your risk factors and susceptibility to developing the condition. 

Who Is Susceptible to Oral Cancer? 

Anyone from teens to adults may become at-risk for oral cancer if they smoke, drink alcohol, or have strains of HPV (human papillomavirus) virus. Therefore, regular oral cancer screenings are recommended to diagnose and treat the condition early.

Do You Treat Oral Cancer?

No, we do not treat oral cancer, but we help diagnose it. Early detection is the key to treat oral cancer effectively and successfully. Since we are experienced dental professionals, we can easily detect any abnormalities or indicators of pre-cancers in your mouth. If required, we may refer you to an oncologist for further tests and treatment.

How Can I Prevent Oral Cancer?

Follow these tips to reduce your risk of oral cancer:

  • Stop chewing tobacco products
  • Quit smoking, as it increases your risk of oral cancer by 60 times
  • Limit your alcohol consumption
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure to prevent sunburns in the face, especially on the lips.
  • Visit your physician to detect whether you have strains of the HPV virus and get a vaccination if required.

Oral cancer is a lethal disease, but routine oral cancer screenings can be life-saving. Schedule an appointment with our dentist in West Des Moines for an oral cancer screening. If you search for “preferred dentist near me” on the internet, we rank among the most reliable oral healthcare brands in Des Moines.

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